Bitcoin is better with friends
Send lightning fast bitcoin or USD payments to friends worldwide.
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Your money should work everywhere
Bitcoin is secure digital money designed to be borderless.
Fund your account
A modern bitcoin wallet and global USD account in one.
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Use bitcoin or dollars
Send sats or cents, bitcoin or bucks, as simple as a text.
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Send to @usernames
Wire details? Routing numbers? Gross. Just gimme your @ fam.
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Snap and pay
Personalize your payments with a funny note and a cute pic.
Share your bitcoin story
Post transactions to your timeline for friends to see (or keep them private if you like).
Create memories with magic internet money
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Unlock more as a member
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No USD transfer limit
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No fee for buying bitcoin*
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Auto-Convert BTC and USD
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Premium app icon pack
*No fees for buying bitcoin from a USD account
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