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Your Bank
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just how old is this guy?
A multi-generational institution that pre-dates the internet.
They started in 2000 BCE to give loans to farmers and traders who carried goods across cities.
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Or maybe just an app on your phone.
But really it is just a subpar digital version of the same bank.
remember dial up?
Either way, it’s something that connects us to our money.
Banks are expected to offer the right products for our needs.
lol we agree conan
However banking costs us more than it helps us.
We pay expensive banking fees and still have to jump through countless obstacles to appease the bank.
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ooo shiny
We found a compelling replacement for 💩 money.
The Bitcoin market cap reached US $1.15 trillion in October 2021.
where is it john?
But bitcoiners can’t completely replace their fiat.
They can trade with exchanges, sell in markets and store in cold wallets. It’s money, without a bank.
But what if...
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What does a bank built on bitcoin rails look like?

A bank that treats bitcoin as money.

A bank that creates the very best ways to save, borrow and invest.

A bank designed to keep you in control.

Built for

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