Beam money back home
Tomorrow is a borderless checking account powered by bitcoin.
Send $1 to anyone
10,000 miles away
Send instant, global payments, big or small, anywhere, anytime.
Open a free USD account
Hold US dollars in a no-fee global checking account.
Send bitcoin or dollars
Send sats or cents, bitcoin or bucks as simple as a text.
Pay with @usernames
Wire details? Routing numbers? Gross. Just gimmie your @.
Teleport cash across borders
Use Tomorrow Terminals to beam cash (the paper kind) to friends.
Snap and send to a friend
Remember when grandma sent you birthday money in a card? It's like that, but cooler.
Create happy little money moments
Unlock more as a member
No USD transfer limit
No fee for buying bitcoin*
Auto-Convert BTC and USD
Premium app icon pack
*No fees for buying bitcoin from a USD account
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